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Surry Hills
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Surry Hills is home to a melange of off-beat designer and vintage clothing, homewares, fabrics, collectables and designer furniture alongside quaint cafes and restaurants.
Discover hidden treasures like Metalab, Koskela, Ici et La, Bird Textiles and enjoy the creative atmosphere of this bohemian Sydney village.
Artisans at work, bulging bookshops, opulent live music restaurants, boutique bakeries, coffee stops, and quirky shops, Newtown is bohemian by nature, but a modern pioneer in the diversity of its entertainment, design and food.
Bondi is not only one of the world's most famous beaches but also a creative, irreverent, fun and vibrant beachside community. From emerging designers, high-end streetwear and vintage fashion to top-end designer homewares, hip cafes and a happening nightlife - Bondi knows how to offer up a great time. Meander to local favourites Brown Sugar, Tuchuzy and the infamous Bondi Markets on Sunday.
Hidden within Sydney's busy streets are a collection of unique businesses and attractions waiting to be discovered: From chic international brands and Australian designer boutiques to award-winning bars and restaurants. Don't miss The Tearoom, Books Kinokuniya, COTA and Grasshopper Bar among other exceptional spots.
Manly was one of the first places in Australia to get a name. Soon after his arrival in Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson) in 1788, Governor Arthur Phillip began exploring the harbour in search of fresh water.The Tank Stream which ran into Sydney Cove near what is now Circular Quay was hardly enough to serve the immediate needs of the First Fleet, let alone support the farm animals the ships had brought or any worthwhile food crop.Passing near Manly a group of unarmed Aboriginal men waded into the water to greet Phillip's small boats. Impressed with their stature and bearing, Phillip is recorded describing them as 'manly', and the name stuck. Despite mounting an expedition several miles inland to what is now Beacon Hill north of Manly, Phillip failed to find a stream.

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